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Click the button below to sign up for Sales Judo, a one-time payment for lifetime membership, for just $995. [add_to_cart_btn_style_3 link=”″ + target=”_self”] [/add_to_cart_btn_style_3]   Link to Login Page (Members Only)   FAQ 1. Q: After the 4 weeks are up, do I lose my membership? A: Not at all. You’ll have lifetime access to what you have bought. And you get access to all the content immediately. 2. Q: I don’t know you, Jason. Has anyone used your methods to make real money? A: Over 600 top students of selling have bought my programs, and I have helped thousands for free in forums. Click here for testimonials. Trying to include them on this page would make it ridiculously long and no one would read it. 3. Q: Is this for phone or in-person selling? A: Equally applicable and effective for both scenarios. You can even use it for writing sales copy. BEST OF ALL, you can use this program not only to train yourself, but your sales staff as well. How much time will that save you? Also, it’s tax-deductible training. 4. Q: Jason, I want to talk to you. How can I get ahold of you? A: You can call me at 910-795-2270 or email me at  

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Advanced training for the Sales On Fire method is available as group coaching. We go far beyond the basics. Sign up here (Module Two, in the middle).   Back to Welcome Page