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A handful of reviews (typos and all) about my training for UK & European clients on Sales Judo techniques:


Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to really understand how to take out the pressure of cold-calling and how to really drive a real nice, short and non-sale discussion with someone to qualify them.

What i loved it's the way I can easily make any client close themselves on the phone, so easy from both parts when you ask the right 2-3 questions that you provided. This will blow the conversions into the roof and can be tailored to any services.

I learned plenty useful stuff from the guide and also from the chat we had(more than 1h). I really enjoyed talking to you and from your first words i knew that i was talking with an experienced closer and you made everything so easy for me to get started and get some sales over the phone.

I'll keep you in touch with the progress i make.I'll get on the phones once i finish my website and portfolio.

Guys, you can't miss this one. It's the easiest way to approach cold-calling and you will soon realize that there's no pressure on the client/gatekeeper with Jason's method.

Thanks again Jason and i know that you and your guide will inspire many people to really see how cold-calling can be easily transformed in a friendly conversation that will eventually finish with a sale

Adrian (Romania, sells to the UK and US)


I just had my call with Jason, what a great guy and a real inspiration. He clearly showed me the mind blocks that stand in the way of taking action and making those calls.

On top of that he made it taught me a crystal clear way of showing the client the real value! that's pure gold in itself!

Id also like to point out that Jason went well over and above in terms of spending time with me, we spent over an hour on the call to ensure that i took in what he was teaching.

Huge value before ive even opened the PDF files or listened to the webinar recordings...

CrazyMarketer, UK


I just finished a call with Jason. WOW! In just an hour Jason melted my primary fear of picking up the phone and cold calling people - suddently all the training I had from courses and books over the course of 10 years became obsolete on what I just heard.

Thank you Jason, I am a loyal follower!
Sal, from Greece, living and working in the UK


I dont do reviews, cause I prefer spending my time on clients - but this is a exceptional high standard offer, which deserves recommendation.

I bought this to sharpen and brush up my offline phone skills and get them back to highest standards.

I was by no mean disappointed. This was an excellent call and coaching at a very high level, delivered with ease from Jason.

Jason takes you through the cold calling proces from prospecting to closing in a very clever manner, with a straight focus on getting the right clients for your business and securing the sale.

Wheter you are an offline starter or intermediate level phone star, you will learn techniques of smart selling for fast results.

If you have the attitude, the right personality and JasonĀ“s script, you could easily make your investment back 100 times in one month, by following his directions.

I only know of two phone sales coaches at Jasons level...

I give this my highest recommendation.

Lars, Denmark


This is one of those hidden gems you keep looking for...

Look at it this way: if you are serious about selling and making money GET THIS NOW!

On the other hand, if you are brain dead and want to run in circles instead of raking in CASH... well, you don't deserve to find out the techniques Jason teaches.

This is the best offer I have bought this year!

P.S. You're still here? Click on the buy now button, put in your payment details, start getting some paying clients!

AdwordsMogul, UK


hi Jason,

Just wanted to say that this is the BEST offer I have ever bought - no lie!

This is a real game changer when it comes to cold-calling and selling our B2B services, it is just such a polar opposite to what all the other cold-callers do and really helps convince the business owner why they should use our services and the sheer value we can bring to their business.

I am soooo glad I found this thread!

Thanks again,
Steve, UK


Last night Jason was a guest in my webinar. He's the real deal and I seriously hope if you're interested in conquering cold calling you'll pick this up.

I hated cold calling - so much so I developed software to help me circumnavigate that process! Jason's training has the potential to turn your business around.

Thanks for providing my members amazing value on the call last night Jason. You're a decent considerate person clearly gifted at breaking the "cold calling is difficult" apart.


It's about time I came on and gave my review of Jason's one on one call.

I wanted to use the call in preparation for a sales meeting I had yesterday. Now, what Jason teaches is obviously targetted to "phone sales" however I wanted to try out the same material on a face to face sales call.
The sales process went amazingly well, better than I had hoped in fact. Jason talks about "monetising the problem" and that's exactly what I did yesterday. I let the client work out the figures and annual return and watched as he talked himself into a higher monthly plan and was HAPPY to come to an agreement on a figure I'd have been thrown out of the room for had I brought it up!

Great job Jason. I know that to learn what you know takes years of experience and thousands of dollars. I got all of that at a FRACTION of the price and in such a short amount of time.

Kevin O., Ireland


I just wanted to pop back and give my thanks to Jason and recommend this to anyone looking to improve conversions and increase sales. I have built and based most of my business and sales around Brian Tracy's methodology and techniques over many hard years of trial and error.

This training takes sales to another level and allows you to understand that we are the ones in control of the sales process and not the prospect! I have wasted far to long trying to sell and to much time overcoming objections, trying to convince people to buy my services.

Jasons information and strategy is like a breath of fresh air. I only wish I had had this information years ago, I feel a massive weight has been lifted.

I no longer feel pressure when striking up a sales conversation. . .

Cheers Jason, life changing info here thanks for sharing
Luckydeano, UK


I bought this and after having my 1-on-1 with Jason I felt that I owe it ... to come back and leave an honest review. I hope this helps some people to make a more qualified decision on whether or not to buy this...

To give you a bit of background, I have sold a lot of different products and services in the past, for myself and for other people, and though I made good money doing so I never really had it down to a science. Since getting into offline in 2010 the one thing that has always bugged me is that when it comes to selling services there is no single, successful and replicable strategy that will consistently get you quality, well-paying clients.

I have also noticed that when it comes to client acquisition methods there is a giant elephant in the room. As marketers we spend huge amounts of time and energy AVOIDING the one method which we know has the potential to transform our businesses and lives. Yes, I'm talking about cold-calling.

Cold-calling is the fastest and most effective way to consistently gain new clients for a business. Once you realise and accept this truth it is quite a short journey to Jason Kanigan's order page.

During our call, Jason completely transformed my mindset towards cold-calling and provided me with a 100% unique approach to consultative selling which creates an internal environment where fear simply cannot exist. You will be able to put your fears and previous negative experiences into context and probably laught at yourself a few times in the process. He gives away a lot more than he advertises and in my opinion his insights into the neurobiological aspect of selling are worth the price of this offer alone.

Jason is very friendly and easy to talk to and his content is delivered seamlessly with the use of some simple but devastatingly effective analogies. If you are nervous about doing a live call then please be assured that Jason is a professional who will put you at ease and help you engage with his content.

If you want a simple, effective and scalable way to make money (don't we all..?) then do the following:

1. Pick a service that you can easily outsource and which provides value to a business owner.

2. Buy Jason's offer and use that service as your example during your call with Jason. He will help you get rid of your fears and personalise an approach to selling your chosen service.

3. Follow his 'quick and dirty' script, his approach to qualifying clients (I have never heard anyone else teach this stuff) and his instructions on how often to call and how to manage your calling schedule.

If you follow Jason's instructions you will make sales and you will have a continuous stream of quality clients who will pay you good money to do what you offer.

My own plan is to use this material in conjunction with one of Jason's other offers to create a script for a sales team to sell the services of a unique non-IM business that I am a part of. I look forward to coming back here in future with updates.

I would give this my highest recommendation and am 100% confident that anyone who uses Jason's techniques properly will forever change their mindset and actually look forward to talking to people on the phone.

Out of 20 calls I made using Jason's techniques, I managed to get 2 meetings booked. My niche is currently quite small so I am very happy to have 2 meetings from 2 hours worth of work!

Jason is a true expert at what he does and in this offer he will give you a complete system which teaches you how to make calls, how to qualify clients (Perhaps the most important thing you were never taught) and how to make them practically sell themselves on whatever you are offering.

This offer is one of the hidden gems ... so if you have a real business and want to make real money then I strongly recommend you check it out.

One final thing I have to add is that Jason will completely over-deliver on both the content and the amount of time he spends with you. He actually spent so long with me that he made himself late for picking up his wife! So yes Jason really is as good as his reviews suggest, yes his techniques will help you eliminate your fear of cold calling and yes you will make money if you practice what he teaches.


Nadim Hussain, UK


Jason is a real sales pro - if you're struggling with what I think is THE most important business skill to have - Jason is your man.

This is an incredible deal folks - grab it before the funny drink I gave Jason wears off.

Just kidding about the drink - but I'm not kidding about the deal.

Mr Kanigan is a real leader in the sales training field.

Dez Futak, Bristol, UK


"Before I found Jason's 'Sales Judo' Training - I found it extremely difficult to be able to understand how to carry out effective cold-calling, and would find it very difficult to understand what to say next.

After only completing the 2nd week of training (of 4) I am now able to easily pick up the phone and find out whether someone is the right person for my services or NOT - in 2-3 minutes max.

I also found out what the BEST Mindset to have for Cold-Calling is to be able to maintain a high positive and calm state whenever I make any cold-calls.

The single affirmation to repeat before every call - which keeps me calm, relaxed and fills me with confidence.

Thanks Jason - you have created a simple & highly effective training course, that is also packed full of useful samples, so I always know the right thing to say next.

I was so impressed with your training - I also purchased your ebook 'Sure Fire Sales Ignition System', which is also an extra and valuable resource.

Dave P., UK

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