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Some reviews (with their typos) about my training from North American & worldwide clients on Sales Judo techniques:

I buy everything Jason offers, because everything he offers is Top Shelf!

Jason is the real deal as many around here know, and I have to say out of all the products and coaching and IM related purchases that I've made...coming in contact with Jason and his education are something that I consider priceless.

If you're contacting, sharing, and building relationships with clients and customers, Jason will position you to win. It's a win-win for both you and your prospect/lead/client. No more wasted time prospecting. It's not an emotional game anymore.

If you never thought calling business owners to prospect could be fun try his methods out. It works. And it doesn't just apply to cold calling, it applies to ANYTHING that has to do with a conversation over the phone or in person.

Needless to say I'm a big fan of Jason and Sales On Fire. His company name represents what he can do for you and your business. We all know sales and marketing are the driving force in your business, so why not "Catch Fire"

Do yourself a favor and join in the fun.

I joined Jason's coaching a few weeks ago, and the group he has gathered is already doing great things in this space, and poised to take off to even greater heights. The Skype group is very active, and one that actually is truly worth being part of.

John P.


I've just finished going through all the material for week 1 and thought I would leave a summary review to give people a quick way of knowing what they are getting in this offer, and what it will do for their business.

What Am I Getting With This Offer?
You will get 4 weeks worth of video sales training along with spreadsheets and PDF content to make it super-easy to implement and organise everything you learn. Jason's techniques are completely unheard of and, as I've been using them across various niches since last year, I can attest that they flat-out work

Who Should Buy This Offer?
Literally anyone who is selling something. If you are an offline marketer or consultant of any kind (like me) then you need to get this training before your competitors do. I can promise that you won't have heard this stuff before and it will completely transform the way you approach selling.

What Will I Get From This Offer?
You will get a lot more targeted leads than you are getting right now, and you will turn a lot more of those leads into sales than you are doing right now. I can't explain it any simpler than that.

Why Should I Trust Jason Kanigan?
Because he has a ton of awesome reviews from real-life customers. ... He is also a genuinely nice guy who will go out of his way to help you.

If you are selling a product or service then at some point you are going to have to talk to people on the phone in order to generate sales. When you call people, do you want to sound like a telemarketer talking from a poorly written script?

Or would you like to instantly differentiate yourself from all of the 'pest' telemarketers, and present yourself as a trusted advisor who your prospect will want to spend money with? If you would prefer the latter then take Jason up on this ... and discover what you should be saying to prospects to turn them into enthusiastic, well-paying customers.

Nadim H.


Unlike a lot of offers, this is not some loophole or the latest tactic (that won't work a year from now...). What Jason teaches are fundamental skills you NEED to have to succeed as an entrepreneur. This offer is set up as 4 weekly training modules, and I think that's really helpful so that we don't get too overwhelmed. His scripts are pure gold, and the approach he takes is not at all intrusive (unlike so many of those awful sales calls we've all been subjected to). And you get one-on-one attention through his FB group -- really helpful if you have questions, or want to talk to other students. For the price he's offering it, it's really an amazing deal.

Mariana P.


Just a quick line to say how happy I am with this sales training program. Both the content and the after-sale service have been top notch. The bonuses alone were worth the small price of the course. I highly recommend this offer, especially for anyone out there looking to improve their off-line sales chops!

David S., Chiropractor


I bet Jason doesn't know it, but he is my jogging partner. Since my first call purchase I have had those recordings on my mp3 player and listen to them every time I run!

If you pick up this program and bombard your mind with these teachings. Use the tools he provides for free. You will become a better sales person. No question about it.

I even take these lessons and turn them into 60 second commercials or even walk in pitches. That's right, with cold walk ins you are sorting out the prospects too.

Rick S.


Sales Judo - What's with the product name? Well, after you listen, learn and implement Jason's method of selling you will know exactly why the program is called Sales Judo.

Quickly disarm the gatekeepers.
Flip your mindset on prospecting calls.
Simple tips that will guide you as you master the art of being a consultant.

Looking forward to learning more Sales Judo from Jason.

BJ Ocampo


I only got a chance to watch the first video of the first week and BAM! it worked like magic. I got on the phone after I watched it and made about five or six calls and set 4 appts. Now, I know it could have been a number of things, but I am convinced that just falling on my sword, asking the gatekeeper for help, and keeping a positive attitude regardless of the results is what made the difference. I have been in sales for almost twenty years and have never heard the statistics that Jason states about cold calling and prospecting. It really helped me keep my expectations realistic and my head from exploding when I didn't get the response I wanted. I have signed up for the FB group and will be doing more training. Thank you so much for your help, Jason.

Also, for anyone IN ANY TYPE OF SALES (offline, B2B, insurance, financial, real estate, etc) you would be smart in purchasing this. I am not an affiliate, nor did I receive a review copy. I simply have struggled just like the next person to pick up the 100 lb. phone and call people TO SEE HOW I MAY BE ABLE TO HELP THEM (ridiculous I know). If you truly are trying to help business owners and have their best interest at heart, you know your product (whatever it is), and you are just allergic like most of humanity to making cold calls..... Buy this. It will help you with your allergy.

Shelly M.


If you're tiptoeing about buying this then listen up:

If you are still at the point of your offline business where you think prospecting can be done only through email, direct mail and classified ads, then the truth is you're going nowhere.

Get out of your comfort zone and start realizing that if you want to start a new business...then you're gonna have to make COLD CALLS at the start.

Now, do you want to do it the hard way or the easy way?

The answer is obvious, getting the right mentor in any subject is the sure way to make quick breakthroughs and get early success.

So invest in this product, start making some calls and build your business



Even from the week 1 content I can tell this course is going to be amazing. Could easily see this content being sold for "MUCH" higher. I have done sales for a successful company in the past and there were some great gems I have never seen in any book or course before.

Can't wait for the next set of content to roll out. [Note: All the content is now delivered immediately upon order]


Week 2 Content Review -
Week 2 and this course continues to get better. This week contained an absolute gem about how to avoid the dreaded "That's sounds great, but let me think it over" response. ... One of the best parts about this course is the facebook group Jason has created and is very active in.



After spending a solid year sending e-mails, video's and snail mail with few sales I knew I had to return to my traditional sales roots. This sales course that Jason created is spot on and perfect for that frustrated marketer who knows they should be on the phone but doesn't know the right way to call people. I am using your system as a refresher since I have not been on the phone for 5 years. Buy this course and learn to sell.


Don't let this offer pass without jumping in. I am just getting to week three content and all I can say is WOW! I have paid $12,000 per year for phone sales coaching and this course equals that content. If you have been frustrated by selling to local business then this is your solution. You have to talk to these people. Jason gives you all the tools to make it work. He also gives you great tips to make the calls easier to do. Don't buy another "magic" solution. Start making real money and learn to SELL! Loving this group!

Bryant K.


I purchased this offer 4 weeks ago.
Very generous amount of high quality "well done" materials consisting of video's, pdf's, webinar's and assorted Bonus materials through out all 4 weeks.
Jason provides approximately 20 high quality video's. Not only are they well made and informative, amazingly the guy never stumbles for a second! I've seen professional news anchors get tongue tied but, not this guy.

If you are interested in making an income via selling, then I see it as a tremendous time saver. This offer saves you years or more of your own time as you stumble through a "trial and error" period, while you try to discover the answers and conquer the obstacles that Jason has already hammered out.



I just want to come in here and give my honest review...Jason has provided some great insight on how he does his everyday prospecting over the phone. I really like his approach, the way he stands out against other sales people...I've also listen to his live prospecting call and love how he sounds...Jason also provide a skype group where people can come and share or ask question and he's always there to help...

Thanks Jason for making this available..and we really appreciate you taking your time to make those live calls and making it available for us to listen...I know those take time to put thanks again for doing that and making it available for us...

For those looking for a way to get in touch with offline prospects, I really believe Jason's course will help you get the confidence to pick up the phone.



I purchased this awesome offer about two weeks ago and had time to go over most of the information and make some very useful notes to implement in my sales calls. I am just getting back into sales and this training has given me a lot more confidence in making sales calls.

I highly recommend this training for anybody who would like to implement an effective strategy for their cold calling. The value to me was in implementing strategic guidelines for dealing with and getting past the gatekeeper, as well as techniques for selling to the decision maker(DM).

You will become more confident because you will develop an easy to follow framework for making your sales calls, and you will sound more professional which will boost the confidence in your prospects minds when talking with you. No more being unsure what to say when the dreaded 'gatekeeper' answers your call and you need their help to get to the decision maker(DM) - who may or may not be available on your first call. Develop techniques for effective and powerful sales calls and find out what the (DM) needs to know from you up front - as well, what you need to know from the DM.

I had the privilege to speak with Jason on Friday past and he helped me create a '30 second' introduction to begin my sales calls effectively. It was a valuable phone call and I appreciate the one-on-one effort by Jason that proves the value and care he has in his business.

Jason is a true professional and has provided a valuable offer here... It is nice to cut through some of the lower quality offers available online and find valuable help.

Jason, thank you for your help, I will check out more of your available offers in the following weeks to further help with and improve my sales calls.



I bough this course last week. Great information in easy to follow modules. The key is to apply the information.

Most people do not know a simple method for getting through Gate Keepers... Jason shows you a very simple technique that I have incorporated into my sales process and it is working wonders.

In Module 2 Jason walks you through what I consider to be the best sales call script foundation I have ever used.

There are many other techniques taught in the course and each one of these makes the course a steel...

Scott S

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